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Let’s hear your story! Were you part of a solution to an issue, big or small, with a Cincinnati-area government agency or other city issue? Either as an advocate or as an employee of the agency.  Would you like to highlight a tool, service or program for getting things done in the Cincinnati area? Please help others by submitting a short story and analysis. You can use the prompts below, as appropriate, or write it in your own format.

What was the conflict/issue/problem?

Why did it exist, i.e. what was the background, including facts or statistics (if available)?

Tell the story. What happened?

Was there a breakthrough moment?

What lead to the breakthrough?

What the solution/resolution?

Why was the specific resolution chosen? Were there other rejected alternatives?

Any facts/findings/anecdotal evidence to support the solution?

What is the takeaway?

Is there anything you would do that would be different in the future?

Suggested length is no more than 750 words.


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