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issue #1

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This first issue is a seasonal question. What do traffic signs indicating no right on red from 7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. on “school days” mean? Do they limit right turns to Saturdays and Sundays or are we free to turn in the Summer? Several people brought this to the attention of City Ombudsman.

Sergeant Eric Franz, Cincinnati Police Department, clarified the sign for City Ombudsman readers. In the City of Cincinnati, “school days” means days that Cincinnati Public Schools is open. So, YES, you can turn right on red in the summer at those intersections. Also, you can park in zones limited during school days, as in the picture below.

Generally, Ohio traffic laws are set out in the Ohio Revised Code. A right turn on red is allowed “unless the movement is modified by a lane-use sign or prohibition sign.” Local entities have the authority to put these lane-use signs in place. The “no right turn on school days” signs are local lane-use signs.

Thank you to Sergeant Franz for the assistance. Enjoy your right turns and parking through August 14th. Cincinnati Public Schools will be back in session starting August 15th.

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