The Missing Garbage Can

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Issue #4

From Kate Burroughs, Walnut Hills, who recently purchased a new home:

“The day we closed on the property was the night prior to trash collection. We placed the can at the curb. The following evening (after work) after trash pickup, we noticed our can was gone. Other cans on the street were still out and emptied.”

Did the city trash collectors take the can since the previous owners were gone? Do cans stay with the home upon sale? Can the city track the can? Assuming all else fails, how do we get a new can?”

City Ombudsman turned to Courtney Hauser, City of Cincinnati, for answers. She confirmed that the garbage can was not taken by the City. Under City ordinance, the can assigned to a home must stay with the home, Hauser confirmed. The prior owners should not take the can when they leave. So, it is probably a good idea to ensure that the can stays with the house, when you buy a new house.

Courtney Hauser also confirmed that Kate is responsible for getting a new garbage can, called a cart. The City of Cincinnati requires residents to use approved carts for garbage collection. Kate can go to a hardware store to buy a new cart. Then, Kate will have to register her can with the city. She can register the can online or by phone. The city will send a new sticker for the can. More about the requirements for a can and registration here.

The City does not chip garbage carts and cannot track them. However, Kate was right that Cincinnati residents have a receptacle with a chip. Recycling carts have a chip that tracks household participation in City recycling. On CincyInsights, the city’s searchable data portal, you can search and see maps of recycling activity. You can search by address, street and zip code to see your neighborhood’s recycling record (and your own recycling report card).

Check recycling participation in the city here and see examples below:

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Have you explored the CincyInsights portal? There is an amazing amount of searchable data on the portal. Would you like to see a feature on CincyInsights on City Ombudsman?

Thank you to Kate Burroughs for the question and Courtney Hauser for the quick response from the City.

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