WWIC: Pet Waste & a Humorous Solution in OTR

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WWIC Wednesday is an interactive City Ombudsman series. Based Paul Ford’s theory that “Why Wasn’t I Consulted?” is the fundamental question of internet content, it presents an issue and seeks your opinion. Consider yourself consulted on local quality-of-life issues. Respond in comments below or on social media posts. Comments may be gathered and published in a later round-up post. More about WWIC here.


Pet waste. Chances are you have dealt with it as an animal owner, pedestrian or in your yard. On East 14th Street in Over-the-Rhine, two Peaslee Neighborhood Center staffers, Liz Gottmer and Larry Fogle (pictured above), collaborated on creative signs that approach the issue with humor.

Both are quick to point out they are animal lovers. But Fogle was trying to grow grass this spring and contain waste from neighborhood dogs.  Fogle, the property custodian, and Master of Custodial Arts, per Gottmer, suggested they make signs to nudge people into finding another place for dogs’ business. Gottmer, communications coordinator, liked the idea of using humor to get the attention of pet owners. She hoped individuals might be more receptive to respecting the Peaslee space if they made them chuckle. Fogle even attached some bags to a nearby pole, for anyone without a poop bag. Per the pair, the signs seem to be working and individuals are respecting the request. The grass looks good!

City Ombudsman is not the only entity to recognize Larry Fogle’s good work and care for the community. He was recognized last week by People’s Liberty on Cincinnati Day. People’s Liberty recognized 30 local individuals doing consistent, good work in their communities. His nominator Rebecca Smithorn said, “Most of my conversations with Mr. Larry are about whether the air conditioning is on, if the doors are locked, or the windows are closed, because he is the ‘Master of Custodial Arts’ at Peaslee, a title that he lives into with tremendous care, courtesy, and pride in his work. Peaslee sees hundreds of kids and adults come through its doors each week, and Larry's quiet, cheerful work reaches them all, and we're all grateful for his presence.” Read more here. Congratulations Mr. Larry!

City Ombudsman always favors creative and fun interventions. The signs give individuals the opportunity to help the Peaslee Center and allow neighbors to be part of their community. The only thing City Ombudsman likes as much as creative solutions and a fun spirit is hearing your thoughts. Comment below -- have you seen the signs? Any pet waste problems in your neighborhood? Have you seen other successful solutions?

Consider yourself consulted!

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