WWIC: When do you break the rules?

Three Brothers Coffee, Nashville

Three Brothers Coffee, Nashville

It is the beginning of wisdom when you recognize that the best you can do is chose which rules you want to live by, and is it persistent and aggravated imbecility to pretend you can live without any.
— Wallace Stegner
I have nothing against rules. They’re indispensable when playing Monopoly or gin rummy, and their observance can go a long way toward improving a ride on the subway. The rule of law? Big Fan.
— Benjamin Dreyer

WWIC is an interactive City Ombudsman series. Based Paul Ford’s theory that “Why Wasn’t I Consulted?” is the fundamental question of all internet content, it presents an issue and seeks your opinion. Consider yourself consulted on local quality-of-life issues. Respond in comments below or on social media posts. Comments may be gathered and published in a later round up. More about WWIC here.

Are you a rule follower or rule breaker? If you’re a City Ombudsman reader, my guess is you’re a mix of both. You may think life requires tastes of benign mischief to keep things interesting. You have probably recognized which rules you want to live by and which rules make society indispensable, but break the rules that do not make sense to you. And never cheat at Monopoly, right?

So, what rules do you break? Do you have a standard for when it’s O.K. to break a rule, such as if you think a rule is unnecessarily bureaucratic or it won’t make a difference? What local rules need to be changed or updated? What are the solutions? Answer in the comments or on social media posts. Selected comments may be published later in a round-up.

Speaking of rules, Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) is out for the summer.  So, “no right turn on red” at the signs below is off through August 18, 2019. CPS is back in session Monday, August 19, 2019. More about the rule behind those signs here.

ignore this sign.png

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